Deaf Expo History

Deaf Expo 1

The Deaf Expo 1 was successfully held in Wellington in 2007. It was initially set up to celebrate the passing of the New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) Act 2006.

deaf expo 1


Deaf Expo 2

The Deaf Expo 2 successfully held in Auckland on 4th September 2010 prior to Deaf Awareness Week.

deaf expo 2


Breast Cancer event

jared hair 01
jared hair 06 On behalf of the Deaf Expo, we would like to acknowledge several people who have helped during these incredible Cancer events.

I was invited to the Auckland Deaf Society's special launch of the new DVD resource for the Deaf Community, "Cancer: A Personal Journey" on the 14th October 2011. My two friends Angela Sey Hoy and Elizabeth Hines, they talked about their personal experiences in a positive way and how to deal with cancer. We would like to personally thank Angela and Elizabeth for sharing their positive journey with us. We would like to thank Auckland Deaf Society for organising this wonderful launch. Special thanks to Brent Macpherson – the Deaf Director for making this DVD.

I went to another Cancer event at Wellington Deaf Society (WDS) on the 15th October 2011. Jared Flitcroft,WDS President offered to shave his beautiful curly hair (with a bit of grey along the sides) to support Breast Cancer. See the first picture with his lovely hair and second photo with no hair.

Doesn't he look younger and more handsome?

Jared has managed to fundraise $536.40. Thank you Jared and we really appreciate your support.

Regards, Lyneen Allen - Deaf Expo coordinator

Charity Fundraiser

There is a new Deaf community initiative created to raise awareness and education of cancer in the Deaf community. From past experience, there currently appears to be little or no representation of Deaf or disabled people with cancer in New Zealand. It is possible that Deaf and hearing impaired people may be under-represented as a minority group. The Cancer Society of NZ (Auckland branch) has confirmed that few Deaf people have accessed their services in recent years.

Download letters of support:

As we are all aware, the NZ Disability Strategy 2001 and NZ Sign Language (NZSL) Act 2006 currently form key government policy or legislation for Deaf and hearing impaired people. This is to ensure that Deaf and hearing impaired people have good access to information and community support services that are readily available in the hearing community.

It is proposed that a number of Deaf/hearing impaired people with any form of cancer are identified as a primary target group for a charity fundraiser, which will involve a weekend of pampering and inspirational speakers from Deaf cancer survivors at a resort in Taupo. It is hoped in the future that it will grow over time and reach out to Deaf or hearing impaired people who have direct experience with cancer.

Another future initiative is to develop a resource DVD and poster accessible in NZSL or plain English on any form of cancer awareness for the Deaf community, to provide advice and support to see a GP or specialist doctor for referral. There will be guidelines on how to work with NZ Sign Language interpreters as well.