A message from NZ Deaf Expo

Deaf Expo NZ wishes to thank to Auckland Deaf community and Merge NZ for agreeing to host the Deaf Expo event in Auckland. The last Deaf Expo event was held in Auckland back in 2010. A 17 years of silence, it is awesome to see this such important event back on track. 

The first Deaf Expo in 2007 was hosted to celebrate the success of NZSL Act 2006 legislation. There were over 200 people attended the Deaf Expo in Wellington and people enjoyed a celebratory dinner in the evening.

Soon after, the second Deaf Expo in 2010 to support the campaign for Deaf Women with Breast Cancer. NZ Deaf Expo committee team worked collaboratively with the Breast Cancer Society, Deaf Community throughout NZ and other organisations, which supported the great cause. It was a successful fundraising campaign, and NZSL resource was developed (a DVD to educate Deaf Women about Breast Cancer).

NZ Deaf Expo wishes to encourage and support the local Deaf community to establish their Deaf Expo in local areas. NZ Deaf Expo is thrilled that Merge NZ is taking a leadership role to host Auckland's first Deaf Expo in October to support the International Week of the Deaf 2017. Congratulations!

NZ Deaf Expo would like to see Deaf Communities to work colloboratively with Deaf-related organisatins or NZSL-related businesses throughout NZ to do the same thing. NZ Deaf Expo will be supportive and assist you with promotion and share information on your behalf.

The key focus of the Deaf Expo is for the Deaf Community, Deaf business owners and Deaf organisations to gather and share information to other communities. It is important that we work together as a united front.

In near future, NZ Deaf Expo would like to establish a nationwide Deaf Expo to involve both hearing and Deaf people to share and promote their services, products and resources. This would provide them opportunity to educate and share useful NZSL-related resources, materials to families of Deaf children, professionals working with Deaf people, the public and of course the Deaf community.

NZ Deaf Expo are truly looking forward to a major Deaf Expo in 2019. More information will come at later dates.

Lyneen and Donna